Alexandra Winslow

Hi, I’m Alexandra.

I have a background in publishing, and I’ve worked in digital marketing for three years. I attended Phillips Exeter Academy and the College of the Holy Cross, spending my junior year abroad at the University of Oxford. My degree is in literature, and my favorite hobbies are reading and creative writing.

Learn more about me on my personal website, lexiewinslow.com.

About My Work

I work as a freelance consultant. Most of my clients are small businesses or individuals. I also perform tasks for larger marketing firms and marketing departments at publishing houses.

While I am glad to meet with clients on the North Shore and in the metro Boston area as needed, I prefer to use my in-home office for daily work. I also find emailing, phone calls, video chatting and instant messaging to be adequate modes of communication for status updates and brainstorming.

I have writing samples available upon request, but since discretion is paramount in my ghostwriting work, I have not posted that portfolio on my website.

About My Rates

For those who have worked with digital marketers or other consultants in the past, you may have used an hourly payment arrangement. I prefer to price most of my services by project. My work style is efficient. I spend my time on creating the best possible product, not focused on the hour allotments.

Recent Clients

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A Boston-area digital marketing consultant offering web design, business writing, social media, and digital marketing services for authors, small businesses, public speakers, and other organizations.