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I’ve worked with authors from major publishing houses, independent publishers, and even the intrepid self-published writers. When you want to have an active online presence to keep your fans interested, but your creative energy needs to be focused on your book writing, that’s where I come in. If a new book launch is right around the corner, I have experience on dozens of book marketing campaigns, both those with large budgets and those run on a shoestring.

New Authors

You’ve always dreamed of being a published author. You’ve been told repeatedly, “You should write a book!” But for some reason, you’ve just never seen a major writing project through to the end.

I work with budding authors to get their names in print at last. In some cases, I collaborate with them to develop the idea of the book and keep them on track through the writing process. For others, I serve as a ghostwriter. Some people fall in between – for example, I heavily edit the rough draft of their manuscripts.

Reach out to me today to get your book ready for publication.


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