Food for Thought May 7, 2015

Food for Thought 5-7-15 | Winslow Marketing and Design

Content Marketing

A Fifth of Time Inc.’s Ad Revenue Now Comes From Digital via AdAge

More evidence that digital is no joke:

The company sold $73 million worth of digital ads in the first quarter, up 1% over the quarter a year earlier, Time Inc. executives told Wall Street investors as it reported its most recent results. The increase would be 20% if you exclude digital ad sales in the first quarter of 2014 from, which until last June was home to the digital content for Time Inc.’s Fortune and Money magazines, and Grupo Editorial Expansión, a group of Mexican magazines that Time Inc. sold last June.

These digital numbers are important measures of Time Inc.’s effort to transform from a print publisher to a media company with digital at its core.

Social Media

What Facebook’s Algorithm Change Means for Brands, Publishers, and the Future of Media via Contently’s Content Strategist

If you’ve grown frustrated about the limited organic reach of your business page’s posts, you’re not alone. And now that problem has been systematically reinforced with a new algorithm.

Late last year, Facebook delivered a big blow to brands when they limited what little organic reach they had left. Now, they seem to be threatening to limit reach even more.

Loyal followers that interact with your content will continue to be served posts; unfortunately, that group is very small for most brands, and this change may decrease their odds of growing it at all. After all, second-hand referrals through likes or comments will be marginalized, and besides paid posts and advertising, this was pretty much only way users who didn’t already “like” your page could organically discover a brand’s content.

The move pretty much formalizes what we’ve seen coming for a while now: that Facebook is primarily an advertising platform for brands, and they need to think of it as thus. The good news is that it can be a fantastically effective ad platform when used correctly—especially when you consider this morning’s announcement that they’re starting to track conversions that result from ads.

Great News

Don’t want to keep up with the Kardashians? Browser extension lets you block all mentions of Kimye online via Daily Mail

The new app KardBlock does what I’ve been trying to do on my own for years: pretend the Kardashians don’t exist. All mentions of the K clan will be filtered out of your news and social feeds by adding this app. Where do I sign up?

Author Marketing

When You Have Lots of Unpublished Writing in Boxes via Jane Friedman

This work stops my heart and fills it at the same time. I mean to say it terrifies me. But feeling this terror is better than feeling the deadening of my spirit that comes from keeping it all locked up. Because this, in the end, is what I have to give: Words about life, my life, and the common threads that unite all our lives—the experience of longings and disappointments, successes and failures, love and loss. And in an age when it seems as if we are all expected to sell our work and ourselves, with a bright shiny ribbon on it and a promise of here is how you too can find success, happiness, and love—it takes a bit of courage, I think, to offer one’s bare truth. But then again, it is the simple truths—offered by writers, often in books of limited commercial appeal but timeless value—that have meant the most to me. It is what we writers do: conjure the words that help people understand, maybe just a little more, our shared and uncontainable experience of life. But it only works when the words expressed in private are let out into the world and given a life of their own.



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