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Food for Thought 1-31-15 | Winslow Marketing and Design

Food for Thought 1-31-15 | Winslow Marketing and DesignContent Marketing News: “Data Is Clear: To Be Effective at Content Marketing, Have a Documented Strategy” from Copyblogger

“According to the study, only 39 percent of B2B small business marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. The rest either have a strategy that they have only talked about (47 percent), have no strategy at all (12 percent), or are unsure (1 percent)…

The data shows that the 39 percent of companies who do have a documented strategy are ‘more effective in nearly all aspects of content marketing than their peers who either have a verbal-only strategy or no strategy at all’…

60 percent of those with a documented content marketing strategy consider their organization to be ‘effective’ at content marketing; only 33 percent of those with just a verbal strategy say the same.”

Viral Success of the Week: “2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial ‘Lost Dog'”

Author Marketing News: “19 Quick Ways to Grow Your Author Following on Social Media” from The Write Life

“5. Pin an engaging tweet

This feature came out earlier this year, but many users still haven’t taken advantage of it. Once you pin a tweet, it always shows up at the top of your profile.

Look for a tweet that promotes you — a popular blog post, a CTA to sign up for your newsletter or a link to your newest book — and pin it to the top so it’ll be the first thing your visitors see…

8. Add some apps

If you don’t have any apps on your Facebook page, you’re missing out. With Facebook marketing apps, your readers can see your RSS feed, follow you on Twitter and Pinterest, and sign up for your newsletter — all from within your Facebook page! You can even offer content downloads, like a free chapter from your upcoming book…

19. Adjust your privacy settings

Because Google likes images, Pinterest boards often show up in search results. And if someone is searching for something you’ve written about, you want to make sure your boards show up. Ensure your boards are visible to search engines by visiting “Settings” then ‘Search privacy,’ and selecting ‘No.'”

Email Marketing News: “5 Ways to Grow Your Email List With Facebook Contests” from Social Media Examiner

“#1: Offer Multiple Prizes

When you offer several prizes, people are more likely to enter since there’s a greater likelihood of winning… Research shows that multiple inexpensive prizes perform better than a single, high-value grand prize, since people think that they have a better chance to win a lower-value prize…

Take it up a notch: Increase the reach of your sweepstakes by further incentivizing your subscribers to share. Draw the winners only from the subscribers who shared the contest the most…”

Social Media News: “An update on Promoted Pins” from Pinterest

“Promoted Pins are just like regular Pins—the only difference is that a business paid to have more people see it. These Pins will always be labeled “Promoted” so they’re easy to spot. We’ve seen Pinners save Promoted Pins to their boards of wish lists, inspirations and interests—just like other Pins they discover.”




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