Business Websites

My Business Website packages contains five Pages, as detailed below. This  package includes web design, web content, text and image upload, search engine optimization, usage tutorials and analytics tutorials. Additionally, continued site maintenance, domain acquisition and website hosting services are also available.

Home Page

The Home Page will share the headline info about your organization. With images, design elements and a color scheme that reflects your brand identity, the Home Page will supply visitors with quick access to your most important material. Highlights could include your latest blog post, social media links, a short bio, and news about your latest promotions.

About Page

The About Page will include your company description as well as professional bios for you and your team.

Product or Services Pages

Depending on your industry, these pages will share information about the products and services you offer, with images, descriptions, prices, and other relevant info.

Contact Page

In addition to your contact information, this page will include customer service information as needed.


If desired, I will create a Blog for your company, and guide you through the best practices of blogging.




A Boston-area digital marketing consultant offering web design, business writing, social media, and digital marketing services for authors, small businesses, public speakers, and other organizations.