Special Writing Projects

Ghostwriting | Winslow Marketing and DesignSometimes you just need some help getting the words out.

If you have composition needs that go beyond typical business writing, I am always interested in new projects. I’m a fast and able writer, with plenty of writing samples available upon request.

I have a background in literature and am an ambitious writer. I also love collaborative writing projects, when I get the chance to draw out the best in someone else’s writing. As a book coach, I  provide critique during the writing process as well as structural and copy edits on the draft manuscript. As a ghostwriter, I write content for others based on long conversations and their notes or previous published works.

Recent projects of mine have included:

  • Byline articles
  • Nonfiction books
  • Pamphlets
  • Seminar Scripts
  • Short eBooks
  • Workbooks

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